Voting Technology Applications Status

As of August 1, 2019.

For approved systems, check the Voting Technologies Approved for Use in California page.

System TypeApplicant Submission Date Testing Phase
Democracy Suite 5.10 Voting System Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. 10/24/2018 Testing (Post)
VSAP Tally Version 2.0 Voting System Los Angeles County 11/6/2018 Testing (Functional)
EVS Voting System ES&S 12/18/2018 Testing (Post)
ImageCast Remote 5.10 RAVBM Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. 10/24/2018 Testing (Post)
VSAP Interactive Sample Ballot RAVBM Los Angeles County 2/5/2019 Pre-Testing (Test Plan)
Precinct Central ePollBook 4.1 ePollBook Tenex Software Solutions 1/17/2019 Withdrawn
AskED Version ePollBook Robis Elections 2/23/2019 Pre-Testing (Test Plan)
KNOWiNK 2.3.7 ePollBook KNOWiNK Inc. 2/27/2019 Pre-Testing (Application Review)
Verity Voting 3.1 Voting System Hart Intercivic 5/3/2019 Pre-Testing (Request for Proposal Bid)
Democracy Live Secure Select 1.2.2 RAVBM Democracy Live, Inc. 7/1/2019 Pre-Testing (Application Evaluation)