County Reporting Responsibilities

County elections officials must report the number of voter registrations generated by each NVRA agency office or site in the county. The Secretary of State has developed a reporting template for the 58 counties. The spreadsheet contains a page for each county with a list of the known NVRA agency offices and sites in the county. Each county elections official should maintain an up-to-date list of the NVRA agency offices and sites in the county and add new offices and sites to the list as appropriate.

Tracking NVRA Voter Registrations

To properly track NVRA registrations, county elections officials should record the serial numbers of the voter registration cards (VRCs) supplied to each NVRA office or site. NVRA agencies with multiple sites in a county should coordinate distribution of the VRCs with county elections officials to ensure proper tracking.

The monthly NVRA reports have two components:

  1. A one-page report with category totals similar to the monthly NVRA reports counties have provided in the past; and
  2. A spreadsheet with a list of the NVRA agency offices and sites in the county and the voter registration totals received from each agency office or site.

Counties must report to the Secretary of State within 10 days of the beginning of each calendar month. For information about reporting requirements and county contact information, please see the links below.

NVRA Training

NVRA agencies must train employees annually and requires county election officials to assist with training, if requested by an NVRA agency. The Secretary of State has developed NVRA training materials for this purpose. Choose the Training for Agencies link on the left side of this page.

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