Other Information and Resources - Military and Overseas Voters

Tips for California's Military and Overseas Voters

Important Dates for Military and Overseas Voters

What's on the ballot?

The sample ballot booklet prepared by your county elections official contains information on local candidates and local races.

The Voter Information Guide is the official booklet the California Secretary of State prepares before each statewide election. It contains information on statewide candidates and nonpartisan background and analysis of state ballot measures and other important election-related information. For current and previous guides, visit our Voter Information Guides web page.

Who represents you?

State and Federal Government

To find out who represents you in the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, State Senate, and State Assembly, visit our Who Are My Representatives? web page.

Local Government

For information on who represents you on the county board of supervisors, city council, local school board, and more, log onto your county elections official's website. A list of California's 58 county elections offices and their contact information is available on our Military and Overseas Voters Information web page.

Military and
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