Appendix A

California Internet Voting Task Force

Technical Committee Recommendations


Table of Contents

1   Scope of the Technical Committee Report

This document is a report from the Technical Committee of the California Internet Voting Task Force. It contains a technical analysis of the communication and security issues inherent in Internet voting, along with recommended privacy and security requirements for any Internet voting systems fielded in California. This report also deals with potential Internet-based voter registration systems and, briefly, with Internet petition-signing systems as well.

We do not describe the design of any particular systems; there is too wide a range of software and infrastructure designs that are potentially acceptable Internet voting solutions and there is every reason to expect that different choices might be made in different counties of the state and in different states. Instead, we recommend requirements for such systems, and criteria to be used in their certification, leaving the detailed design to potential vendors.

Because we do not discuss specific designs, we do not include any detailed discussion of costs. They would depend strongly on the goals, design, and scale of the particular system in question. In any case the costs and cost structures in the world of communication and Internet technology are changing so rapidly that an estimate made today might have little relevance by the time such a system is actually procured.

This document is being written January, 2000, and reflects the state of technology as it exists now, or can be reasonably anticipated in the near future. While most of our conclusions are fairly technology-independent, there are inevitably a few concerns and conclusions discussed here that may need revision at some point in the future.