California Internet Voting Task Force

January 18, 2000

The California Internet Voting Task Force was convened by Secretary of State Bill Jones to study the feasibility of using the Internet to conduct elections in California. More than two dozen experts in the field of data security, elections and voter participation were asked to volunteer their time and expertise in the development of this report. The recommendations, analysis and suggested technical requirements that follow represent the collective opinion of the task force.

Final Report Online

Executive Summary

Major Findings and Recommendations

Task Force Composition


Task Force Findings

Task Force Findings and Recommendations on Policy Issues

Appendix A Online
Technical Committee Recommendations


  1. Scope of the Technical Committee Report
  2. General conclusions of the Technical Committee
  3. Internet voter registration
  4. Internet Petition Signing
  5. Internet Voting
  6. Security in i-voting
  7. Internet voter education and support
  8. General Requirements for i-voting systems
  9. Requirements for the Vote Server Data Center (VSDC)
  10. Requirements for the Internet Voting Process
  11. Glossary

Appendix B Online


Elections &
Voter Information

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