"Good Cause" Reasons For Waiving Late Campaign & Lobbying Filing Fees

The Secretary of State will consider a request to waive the payment of a fee for filing a campaign or lobbying disclosure document late if the request is based on "good cause."

Waiver Request

A request for waiver must be submitted on a Request for Waiver of Liability Form (Form PRD-1 (PDF)). The waiver request must be signed by the person(s) required to file the particular statement or report upon which the late filing fee was assessed. The waiver request must have an original signature when submitted. No facsimile signatures will be accepted.

There are two categories of "good cause" for waiving late filing fees. These causes must relate to the person required to file the report or statement.

First Category of Good Cause

  1. Incapacitation for Medical Reasons

    Adequate documentation consists of a doctor's, psychologist's, therapist's, chiropractor's, or other medical provider's statement giving the nature of the incapacitation, the date(s) thereof, and the individual's name.

  2. Hospitalization

    Adequate documentation consists of a copy of the hospital bill or doctor's statement showing the patient's name and the date(s) of the hospitalization.

  3. Accident Involvement

    If medical attention is provided and results in the late filing, a copy of the hospital bill, emergency room service, or doctor's statement, showing the patient's name and date(s) and time(s) of medical attention, is adequate documentation. If the accident involvement results in delay or vehicle disablement which causes the late filing, adequate documentation consists of a police report showing the individual's name, the date and time of the accident, and, if applicable, whether or not the vehicle was disabled.

  4. Death

    Adequate documentation consists of a copy of the death certificate or an obituary notice.

Second Category of Good Cause

The second category is defined as other unique, unintentional factors beyond the filer's control not stemming from a negligent act or non action. The factors are:

  1. Loss or Unavailability of Records

    The loss or unavailability of records due to a fire, flood, theft or similar reason. Adequate documentation shall consist of a police, fire or insurance report, containing the date of the occurrence and the extent of the loss or damage.

  2. Unique Reasons

    Other unique reasons. These include compelling reasons beyond the filer's control.

For a copy of the Request for Waiver of Liability Form for campaign and lobbying statements filed late, use Form-PRD-1 (PDF).