The Secretary of State’s office has selected Salesforce as the new platform for CAL-ACCESS and OSaaS as the new system integrator. The below RFO references no longer apply. 

The CAL-ACCESS Replacement System (CARS) Request for Offer (RFO) including any addendum(s) and questions and answers released to date:   

Request for Offer - October 19, 2017

CARS Request for Offer Addendum #01

Copy of CARS Request for Offer Addendum #01 – Markup Version


Questions and Answers

Prospective offerors that want clarification of the intent or content of the RFO can submit written questions. Refer to the CARS RFO for instructions and timelines for questions and answers. Responses are issued as a Question and Answer set (Q&A set).


CARS RFO Resource Library

This webpage provides information regarding the CARS Project, artifacts referenced in the CARS SI RFO, and other currently available reference material(s). 


CARS Functional and Non-Functional Project Documentation

RFO Library Document Category

Reference Document

CARS Requirements

CARS Baseline Requirements (xlsx)

CARS Use Cases (as of October 19, 2017)


Complete Collection of Use Cases (ZIP)

CARS Future State Model Diagrams (Drafts)

Future State Models (PDF)

CARS Business Activity Diagrams  (Drafts)

Activity Diagrams (ZIP)

SOS To-Be CARS Enterprise Architecture Vision

CARS To-Be Enterprise Architecture (PDF)

SOS CARS Project Management Documents

CARS Project Management Plan (PDF)

CARS Risk Management Plan (PDF)

CARS Issue Management Plan (PDF)

CARS Schedule Management Plan (PDF)

CARS Change Control Plan (PDF)

CARS Glossary

CARS Glossary (PDF)


CAL-ACCESS Reference Documentation

RFO Library Document Category

Reference Document

SOS As-Is CAL-ACCESS Architecture

CAL-ACCESS Architecture (PDF)

2016 CAL-ACCESS Business Processes

CAL-ACCESS Business Process Documentation (PDF)

2014 CAL-ACCESS Business Rules

CAL-ACCESS Business Rules (PDF)

2016 CAL-ACCESS Data Entry Fields

CAL-ACCESS Data Entry Fields (ZIP)

Legacy CAL-ACCESS Data Model



Other Links and References

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California Political Reform Act

Political Reform Act

Senate Bill 1349 (Hertzberg, 2016)

SB 1349 (PDF)

California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC)


FPPC Regulations