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Investigative Services investigates violations of law surrounding the duties of a notary public and, if warranted, seeks appropriate disciplinary action. This office cannot represent you in either a civil or a criminal matter. Additionally, the administrative law proceedings initiated by this office will have no direct effect upon your rights under civil or criminal law.

You may file a complaint against a notary public by completing a Complaint Form (pdf ~ 11KB) , and sending the completed Complaint Form, along with certified copies of the document(s) you are referring to in the complaint. If there is a violation of notary public law that is supported with clear and convincing evidence, this office may proceed with disciplinary action against the commissioned notary public.

Fraud or other criminal acts, such as forgery, embezzlement, or elder abuse, etc., that may have been committed, are matters for local law enforcement authorities or the district attorney's office in the county where the alleged fraudulent or unlawful acts occurred.

If you wish to obtain information regarding filing a claim with the courts against a notary public surety bond, please contact the County Clerk's office identified in the notary public's seal to obtain the name of the bonding company.

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