California Business Connect Logo

California Business Connect is an information technology project that:

  • Automates paper-based processes; allowing business to file and request copies of records online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Provides access to Secretary of State business records allowing the public and government agencies to perform functions in a more efficient manner.
  • Allows fee payments to be processed within one business day.

California Business Connect Accomplishments

The California Business Connect project reports project accomplishments to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee each quarter. The table below summarizes the project's accomplishments and includes links to our deployed online filings.

New CBC Online Service Implementation Date Number of Online Submissions as of 6/30/2021
LLC Statements of Information 6/21/2017 1,964,525
Trademark Registration 1/11/2018 15,228
LLC Formations 5/8/2018 517,479
LLC Terminations 12/27/2018 90,338
Trademark Modifications 10/8/2018 1,213
Corporation Statements of Information; 11/6/2019 1,365,343
Corporation Formations 3/27/2020 107,535
Certificates of Status (Orders) 6/30/2020 188,432
Uniform Commercial Code 7/15/2020 679,994
eForms Online 10/7/2020 100,171