Electronic Records Guidebook

Records managers, in tandem with their day-to-day responsibilities, must be aware of emerging technologies and the impact they may have on their RIM program. As agencies begin to adopt more and more new technologies, records managers must begin to prepare for how to properly manage these records and information.


Resources for State Records Managers

California Standards for Preservation of Documents in Electronic Media

On September 18, 2000, the Governor signed Senate Bill 2067 (Chapter 569, Statutes of 2000). This bill amended Government Code section 12168.7 and states "…the Secretary of State, in consultation with the Department of General Services, shall approve and adopt appropriate standards established by the American National Standards Institute or the Association for Information and Image Management." The purpose of the bill is to provide uniform statewide standards for storing permanent and nonpermanent documents in electronic media.

In response to that legislation, the "Trustworthy Electronic Document or Record Preservation" regulation became effective on August 8, 2012.

Contacts for Additional Information:

For more information on the California State Archives' Electronic Records Program, contact Michael McNeil.