Archival Consultants

Disclaimer: The California State Archives has compiled this list to aid government agencies, historical records repositories, and individuals that are searching for archival consultants. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy and completeness, you are encouraged to contact the consultants directly for confirmation.

The California State Archives does not endorse any consultant included on this list nor is any consultant affiliated with the California State Archives. The California State Archives assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of any information provided on the list or for the quality of work performed by any consultant contacted via the list. Being on the list confers no guarantee of employment. This list will not be used to recommend or require the use of any particular consultant. The consultant list will be maintained and provided solely for informational purposes.

If you know of other consultants that should be on this list or you have corrections to offer, please contact us at California State Archives or call (916) 653–3834.

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