Records and Information Management Program (CalRIM)


The State Records Management Act (Government Code sections 12270-12279) directs California's Secretary of State to establish and administer a records management program that applies efficient and economical management methods to the creation, utilization, maintenance, retention, preservation, and disposal of state records.

The California State Records and Information Management Program (CalRIM), the state records program within the State Archives, assists state agencies in achieving these efficient records management programs. CalRIM establishes guidelines, including those for the management of electronic records; provides consultation; evaluates the effectiveness of existing records management programs; and assists in the establishment of new records programs. CalRIM, along with the State Records Appraisal Program, approves and maintains all state agency Records Retention Schedules.

Records Management Analysts:

CalRIM staff are available to assist with the development of records retention schedules, transfer of authority of records series, provisions for vital records protection, and other aspects of records management with the intent to develop an organized and workable Records Management plan.

A monthly training class provides state agency Records Management Coordinators and interested staff assistance in the development, preparation and maintenance of Agency Records Retention Schedules. Classes are presented the second Wednesday of every month except December. Contact Javier Sanchez at (916) 653-9226 to sign up for the class.

Records Retention Schedules:

Under California's State Records Management Act, each agency must establish and maintain a records retention schedule that details the public records the agency will keep, how the records will be managed, and how the agency will legally dispose of non-permanent records.

Scanned records retention schedules, 1988-present can be found via Athena. Schedules for earlier years will be added as resources allow.


Frequently Used Forms:

Contacts for Additional Information:

For more information on the CalRIM Program, contact Ramona Gutierrez or (916) 653-3232, Javier Sanchez or (916) 653-9226, or Jenny Chakonova or (916) 653-3429, or CalRIM.

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