All direct recording electronic (DRE) voting machines used after January 1, 2006, must have an accessible voter-verified paper audit trail, pursuant to California Elections Code Section 19250. All voters voting on an electronic voting machine should review and verify their ballot choices on this printed paper record, prior to finalizing and casting their ballot. Once the ballot is cast, this paper record of the ballot is retained inside the voting machine as part of the election audit trail to verify the accuracy of the votes recorded. In accordance with California law, voters do not get a printed paper record of their vote choices.

California counties that use InkaVote:
Los Angeles


  • Sign in at the polls.
  • You will receive your ballot card and a secrecy sleeve to allow you to return your ballot in privacy.
  • Insert the ballot card. make sure the holes at the top of the ballot card fit over the red posts.


  • Use only the marking device provided in the voting booth to mark your ballot.
  • Mark the ballot by inserting the marking device next to each of your selections.
  • Do not vote for more than the number of candidates to be elected for each office.
  • If you make a mistake, do not try to correct it. Return the ballot to a poll worker and request another ballot.


  • After you have made your slections, check your ballot. Make sure the bubbles are filled in completely with ink.
  • When finished, place your ballot card, with the stub attached, in the secrecy sleeve.
  • Return your ballot to the poll worker. The poll worker will tear off the stub and return it to you and deposit your ballot in the InkaVote Plus PBC.
  • The HAVA Compliant InkaVote Plus PBC has the capability of returning overvoted ballots to the voter and providing notification of undervoted contest.

ADA Voting Station

  • AThe InkaVote Plus PBC includes an ADA voting station with an audible ballot so that voters can vote privately and independently.
  • Using headphones, the voter listens as the ballot is read and makes selections using a special keyboard, which can be placed in the voters lap. The voter can also use the keyboard to navigate the ballot and review selections.
  • On conclusion of voting, the ADA station prints a ballot which is placed in a secrecy sleeve used to deposit the printed ballot in the InkaVote Plus PBC.


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