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Lobbying Expenditures and The Top 100 Lobbying Firms
Lobbying Firms
Lobbyist Employers
CUMULATIVE PAYMENTS RECEIVED  January 1, 1997 June 30, 1997 
Kahl/Pownall Advocates  $ 1,722,695
Carpenter Snodgrass & Associates 1,364,790
Nielsen, Merksamer, Parrinello, Mueller & Naylor LLP  1,210,527
Robinson & Associates, Inc., Richard  1,037,705
Steffes, Inc., George R.  995,222
Heim, Noack, Kelly & Sphann 962,288
California Advocates, Inc. 815,369
Governmental Advocates, Inc.  767,924
Gonsalves & Son, Joe A. 741,101
Livingston & Mattesich Law Corporation 717,312 

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