Hart InterCivic eSlate Voting System

All direct recording electronic (DRE) voting machines used after January 1, 2006, must have an accessible voter-verified paper audit trail, pursuant to California Elections Code Section 19250. All voters voting on an electronic voting machine should review and verify their ballot choices on this printed paper record, prior to finalizing and casting their ballot. Once the ballot is cast, this paper record of the ballot is retained inside the voting machine as part of the election audit trail to verify the accuracy of the votes recorded. In accordance with California law, voters do not get a printed paper record of their vote choices.

California counties that use Hart InterCivic eSlate:

Humboldt, Nevada, Orange, San Mateo, and Yolo. (NOTE: Lake and Sonoma use DFM Mark-A-Vote Ballots at their polling places, however, they also use the Hart eSlate for accessibility requirements.)

Hart InterCivic eSlate

Step 1:

  • Sign in at the polls. If you would prefer to use a paper ballot instead of the eSlate, you may request one at this time. You will receive an Access Code. Turn the "SELECT" wheel until the language of your choice is highlighted in red (if multiple languages are available in your county). Press "ENTER" to make your selection.
  • Turn the "SELECT" wheel to highlight the first number of your Access Code. Press "ENTER" to choose that number. Repeat for all numbers of your Access Code.


Step 2:

  • Turn the "SELECT" wheel until the candidate or measure of your choice is highlighted in blue. Press "ENTER". The box to the left of your choice will turn red to confirm your selection. To change your selection, turn the "SELECT" wheel to highlight your new selection and press the "ENTER" button. Your previous selection will be automatically de-selected. Touch the "NEXT" button to advance to the next page.
  • Touch the "PREV" button to go back to the previous page.


Step 3:

  • After you have made your selections, a Ballot Summary Page will appear.
  • Read the ballot Summary Page carefully. Only after you have made all of your desired choices, press CAST BALLOT from the final Ballot Summary Page to proceed to the Paper Verification Page.


Step 4:

  • Read the Paper Verification Page carefully and verify your selections on the printed record.
  • Only after verifying the printed record, turn the SELECT wheel to highlight Accept Page and press ENTER.


Step 5:

  • After you have verified and accepted all printed pages, press CAST BALLOT to finish voting.
  • You have finished voting when you see the waving American flag. The printer displays "Ballot Accepted" and scrolls to a blank paeg to ensure voter privacy.