Other Informational Documents

This Bidders Library section includes a mix of documents that may be of use to VoteCal Bidders. The first subsection, SOS VoteCal Process Documents, provides information about the SOS VoteCal project team actual or envisioned project processes that will be extended to include the VoteCal System Integration (SI) Contractor and other VoteCal project participants.

The second subsection (Other SOS Standards and Practices) presents an information management strategy for Secretary of State. This information will evolve over time as business needs change and new technology opportunities emerge.

The latter subsection (Previous SI Contractor Work Products) includes documents developed and delivered by the previous VoteCal system integrator contractor. These documents are provided as information only. The Secretary of State does not require Bidders to use any of these materials in their proposal response nor in satisfaction of any requirements. The Bidder may use the approach or content included in any of these materials; but is not required to. Bidders must meet all requirements of the RFP released October 29, 2010 and all subsequent Addenda to the RFP, whether or not they choose to use content from the documents for which links are provided below. Please note that the specific required documents, and the specific evaluation factors for each document, have changed since the former system integrator contractor submitted these artifacts and deliverables.


SOS VoteCal Process Documents

Remediation-Related VoteCal System Requirements (PDF)

VoteCal Schedule Management Plan (PDF)

VoteCal Schedule Management Process Summary (PDF)


Other SOS Standards and Practices

Secretary of State Information Management Strategy (PDF)


Previous SI Contractor Work Products

Planning Phase Artifacts

Organizational Change Management (OCM) Plan Documents

These documents are referenced in Attachment 1 Exhibit 2 E - Deliverable 1.5, and in VI.B.1 - Requirement P7. The Plan is an overview of OCM activities, and the Map provides more detailed information on activities and responsibilities.

Organizational Change Management Plan (PDF)

Organizational Change Management Map (PDF)


Other Approved Project Plans

The following plans were developed by the previous systems integrator and approved by Secretary of State during Phase 1 of that project effort:

Quality Assurance Plan (PDF)

Configuration Management Plan (PDF)

Requirements Management Plan (PDF)

Project Management Plan (PDF)

Communications Plan (PDF)

Issue Management Plan (PDF)

Change Control Plan (PDF)

Risk Management Plan (PDF)

Kickoff Meeting (PDF)


Design Phase Artifacts

Deliverable II.1 – VoteCal System Requirements Specification

The following preliminary design documents were developed by the previous system integrator and approved by Secretary of State in satisfaction of this deliverable requirement:

VoteCal System Requirements Specification (PDF)

VoteCal System Requirements Specification: Addendum ERD (PDF)


Deliverable II.2 – VoteCal System Functional Specification

The following documents were developed and submitted by the previous system integrator in satisfaction of this deliverable requirement:

VoteCal System Functional Specifications (PDF)

VoteCal System Functional Specifications: Addendum Page Flows (PDF)


Discovery Sessions

During the Design phase, the previous system integrator (SI) conducted Discovery Sessions with select county representatives and representatives from the three EMS vendors. During these sessions with the counties, the SI reviewed VoteCal requirements, reviewed and validated preliminary Use Cases and business process maps, and gathered additional detail on county business processes. The following documents were products of these Discovery Sessions:

Presentation: Welcome and Discovery Overview (PDF)

Presentation: VoteCal Project Overview (PDF)

Summary – Discovery Sessions, Week 1 (PDF)

Summary – Discovery Sessions, Week 2 (PDF)

Summary – Discovery Sessions, Week 3 (PDF)

Summary – Discovery Sessions, Week 4 (PDF)


Use Cases & Business Process Maps

While not in final form, these Use Cases and 'To-Be' Process Maps represent the result of several iterations of review of business needs and processes with Secretary of State program staff and with county representatives and their EMS vendors in Discovery Sessions. Each of the use cases is presented in its final in-process state, including review comments and annotations. Cumulatively these documents represent the previous system integrator's understanding of California voter registration processes and how to best meet those business needs while satisfying the requirements of the original VoteCal RFP within the context of the vendor's proposed solution. These were not approved by the Secretary of State.

The supporting document VR-COA Use Case Flow (PDF) illustrates how various Use Cases were intended to interact to support the process of adding and updating voter registration records. The Business Rules for VoteCal Validations (PDF) details various voter registration data processing rules as they were captured by the previous vendor.

Again, Bidders are reminded that they are responsible for fully satisfying the requirements of the current RFP with its revised scope. It is left to each Bidder to determine the degree to which these Use Cases may be applicable to the Bidder's proposed solution and for which reuse may represent a cost savings. As an aid to understanding the body of Use Cases, the Use Case Inventory (XLS) spreadsheet presents the full listing of all available Use Cases, as organized and numbered by the previous systems integrator. This document also attempts to map each Use Case to its most relevant sections of the current RFP requirements - if any.

Complete Collection of Use Cases (ZIP)

Individual Use Cases by Functional Group

All 'To-Be' Business Process Maps (ZIP)


Deliverable II.3 - VoteCal System Detailed System Design Specifications

While the previous systems integrator had not completed and submitted a draft of the Detailed System Design Specifications deliverable, the following documents were prepared by the vendor in support of this deliverable:

Draft VoteCal Programming Standards (PDF)

Draft VoteCal User Interface Standards (PDF)

User Interface Wireframe Sample (PDF)

Architectural Article AA001: VoteCal Search and Matching (PDF)

VoteCal Screen Mockup (JPG)


Deliverable II.5 – VoteCal System County EMS System
Integration and Data Exchange Specifications Document

Although not submitted for review and approval in satisfaction of this contracted deliverable, the draft Specifications for EMS System Integration and Data Exchange, as well as supporting documents, were prepared by the previous systems integrator after Discovery Session and subsequent consultation with the EMS vendors.

Draft County EMS System Integration and Data Exchange Specifications v1.0 (PDF)

Draft VoteCal – EMS Vendor Integration API Reference v1.2 (CHM)