Section 7:
Poll Worker Training Methods and Materials

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The goal of training is to ensure poll workers are prepared to correctly perform their duties on Election Day to best serve the voters. Training sessions aim to help poll workers retain as much information as possible for later use on Election Day. Studies have shown that poll workers – like all adult learners – learn best during short, interactive training sessions and hands-on instruction.

Trainers should be aware that poll workers' needs for instruction will differ and, where possible, trainers should provide learning opportunities to meet all poll workers' needs. Keep in mind the amount of information the poll workers need to learn and the limited time elections officials have to convey that information to their poll workers.

Training for Election Day

Use Materials That Will Be Used on Election Day

Additional Workshops or Clinics

At-Home Training Options

Measuring Success

Resources County Elections Officials Should Provide to Poll Workers

Elections &
Voter Information

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