County Monthly Reporting Form

The NVRA non-DMV monthly voter registration form is sent out to all counties requesting data on voter registration applications received for the month. The collection and reporting of this data is used to complete the Election Assistance Commission's biennial survey.

The form is sent to all counties to complete and submit it to the Secretary of State via email. Instructions for completing the form are listed below:

  1. Open the Adobe form;
  2. Fill in the data fields with information as required;
  3. Your form contains a submit by email button at the bottom of the last page. After you have finished filling in your form with information, select this button to email the information;
  4. A Select Email Client window will appear requesting that you indicate the option that best describes how you send email. By default Desktop Email Application is selected, most counties use this email application, choose the appropriate application and select the OK button;
  5. An email message will appear, select the Send button. Please do not alter the To email address or the Subject header.

  6. Please note: If you are unable to utilize the Submit by Email button, you may fax the completed form to the Secretary of State at (916) 653-3214, attention NVRA coordinator.

    To determine the category for reporting non-DMV voter registration applications, we have included a list of agency offices for each category under the heading "Non-DMV NVRA Designated Voter Registration Categories and the Associated Agency Offices" on page 2.

  7. Complete the attached Excel Spreadsheet using the county specific tabs at the bottom of the form and email to

  8. If you have any questions regarding NVRA monthly reporting, please email us using the NVRA email address at

    Also, if you are no longer the appropriate contact person for your county, please let us know who should be receiving this request and we will update our records.

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