Elections VST Summit


November 28-29, 2005
Hyatt Regency
Sacramento, CA

Secretary of State Bruce McPherson hosted a Voting Systems Testing Summit on November 28 and 29 to bring together experts from state and federal elections administration to discuss testing as it applies to state certification processes for voting equipment. Several panels of nationally recognized experts will share their expertise, from which we hope to develop a best practices model that all states can use in their examination of voting equipment. Please see the agenda (PDF) and remarks linked to this page for additional information.

Caren Daniels-Meade, Chief of Elections, State of California

Materials and Presentations

Session 1 - The Federal Role - Where Things Stand Today and Where They're Headed, HAVA and Voting Systems, Accessibility

Session 2 - Demystifying the ITA's

Session 2.5 - A Vision for Testing Election Systems

Session 3 - National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Session 4 - State Panel on What Happens Now

Session 5 - Designing the Best Tests

Keynote Speaker - Evaluating the Usability of Six Voting Systems and Voters' Abilities to Cast Their Ballots As Intended

Session 6 - Security/Paper Trails/Accountability

Session 7 - Vendors

Session 8 - Best State Practices

* Electronic copies of materials were not provided.