Advisories To County Elections Officials - December 2008

The California Secretary of State periodically provides written guidance and information to the state's county elections officials to help ensure a smooth electoral process.

The written advisories -- known as CCROVs since they are directed to County Clerks & Registrars of Voters -- are posted here shortly after they are provided to county elections officials. Electronic copies of all CCROVs dating back to January 2, 2007, are posted here.

To obtain a copy of a CCROV issued in 2006 or earlier -- or if you have any questions or comments -- please email the Elections Division staff using our online form or call (916) 657-2166.

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Regulations: Recounts (PDF)
Voting Modernization Board: Freeze on Bond Funds (PDF)
Initiative: Circulation of #1348, Related to Law Enforcement (PDF)
March General Law City Elections: Random Alphabet Drawing (PDF)
Help America Vote Act (HAVA): Accessibility Grant - Request for Application (PDF)
Initiative: Circulation of #1347, Related to Term Limits and Campaign Contributions (PDF)
November General: Military and Overseas Faxed Ballot Survey (PDF)
November General: Voting Systems Incident Report (PDF)
Voter Registration: Deadline to Order Registration and Voter Notification Cards (PDF)
Administration: Federally Mandated Election Day Survey (PDF)
Survey (DOC)
Instructions (DOC)
November General: CalVoter Blackout Period (PDF)