Oral History Guide Subject Index

Subject Index:


Administrative Agencies - Reorganization

Admission to the bar


Air quality management


Animals, Treatment of

Apportionment (Election law)


Attorney General's Office

Brown, Edmund G. - Biography

Brown, Edmund G. - Family

Cabinet officers/Cabinet system

California Industrial Accident Commission

Campaign funds

Capital punishment

Capitol restoration

Child welfare/Family policy

Civil rights

Civil service

Civil service - Pensions

Constitution Revision Commission

Consumer education/consumer protection

Controller's Office


Court administration

Criminal justice, Administration of

Democratic party

Disaster relief

Discrimination in employment

Discrimination in housing

Economic Opportunity, Office of


Education - Finance

Education, Higher


Employment Development Dept.

Environmental policy

Equalization, Board of

Fair Political Practices Commission

Federal government (federal-state relations)

Finance, Dept. of

Fish and Game Commission

Forest fires - Prevention and control

Franchise Tax Board

Governors - Election

Governors - Staff

Governors - Transition periods

Horse Racing Board

Industrial accidents/Workers' compensation


Insurance, Health

Insurance, Unemployment

Japanese-Americans--Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945

Judges - Selection and appointment

Judicial review

Juvenile corrections

Knight, Goodwin - Biography

Knight, Goodwin - Family

Knowland, William - Biography

Knowland, William - Family

Labor disputes

Labor policy/Industrial relations

Law enforcement

Legislative Analyst's Office

Legislative bodies - Reform

Legislative power

Lieutenant Governor's Office

Liquor laws

Lobbyists/Lobbying organizations

Loyalty oath


Mental health services

Minority business enterprises - Finance

Motor Vehicles, Dept. of

Municipal home rule

Navigation and Ocean Development, Dept. of

Nixon, Richard M.


Petroleum in submerged lands


Police--Complaints against

Political campaigns

Political consultants

Politicians' wives

Press and politics

Prison administration

Proposition 1a (1966) [Full-time legislature]

Public administration - Automation

Public health

Public opinion polls

Public service commissions

Public welfare

Reagan, Ronald - Biography

Reagan, Ronald - Family

Republican party

Roosevelt, James

San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission

Secretary of State's Office


Small business - Finance

Social welfare

Space shuttles

Task forces

Tax and expenditure limitations

Taxation, State

Tidelands oil

Trade-unions - Political activity


Transportation - Planning

Treasurer's Office

Urban policy

Vocational rehabilitation

Warren, Earl - Alameda County District Attorney's Office

Warren, Earl - Biography

Warren, Earl - Chief justice

Warren, Earl - Family

Water - Pollution

Water resources development

Women, Commission on the Status of

Women in politics

Youth Authority

State Archives

Register To Vote Online