Photograph Collections

Department of Education Records
Special Programs and Support Services. Office of Information.
Photographs. 1947–1972. Approx. 20,000 items.

Arranged into five parts: 1) largest portion consists of prints and negatives numerical by photographer's job number (4,117 prints, 19,662 negs); 2) a group of 35mm negatives and contact prints are by subject (1,385 negs, 3 contact prints); 3) miscellaneous photographs are by subject (386 prints); 4) publication photographs are by project number (566 prints); and, 5) slides are by subject (2,042 slides).

Images depict agency programs, activities, and workshops and reflect such post–World War II educational trends as special and vocational education. The majority of photographs were taken by William Stabler, photographer for the Dept. of Education, and were used in department news releases and publications.

Collection includes images of students and classrooms at all grade levels from kindergarten to college. Subjects emphasized are industrial arts, aviation education, audiovisual aids in the classroom, school libraries, agricultural education, foreign language instruction, music education, and training for firemen. Many portraits of agency staff are available including Superintendents of Public Instruction Roy Simpson, Max Rafferty, and Wilson Riles. Various State Board of Education members as well as Governors Earl Warren, Goodwin Knight, Pat Brown, and Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan are also depicted.

Detailed item-level information is available in the California State Archives online catalog MINERVA

This photograph of a small classroom in San Benito County was taken between March and April of 1949. The image shows several children reading at their desks while their teacher assists a student with his studies.

Black and white photograph taken at a UCLA elementary school classroom in January 1950. The photograph shows several children seated around their teacher who is showing them a student's project.

This photograph of children playing on a slide in a playground was taken in January 1950 at Fresno State College. Two women assist the five children as they climb up and slide down the slide.

Black and white photograph of an atomic attack drill taken in a California classroom on March 15, 1951. The photograph shows two rows of six students kneeling on the floor next to their desks in a tucked position.

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