1878-1879 Constitutional Convention Working Papers

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Subject TopicBoxFolderPageCatalog
Additional Employees, Committee On18 F3956:8
Address To The People - Resolution2225-10F3956:295
Address To The People25 F3956:20
Adjournment - Resolution75 F3956:82
Adjournment 1833-8F3956:225
Adjournment No Quorum1934-6F3956:246
Adjutant General - Report161113-16F3956:194
Adjutant General Expenditures214 F3956:29
Agriculture, Manufacture And Commerce, Committee On Report161212F3956:195
Agriculture, Manufacture, And Commerce, Committee On Wine Imports1868-12F3956:228
Alcohol Granting Of License711 F3956:88
Alcohol Local Option 42-10 F3956:50
Alcohol Local Option 42-10 F3956:51
Alcohol Local Option 42-10 F3956:52
Alcohol Local Option 42-10 F3956:53
Alcohol Local Option 42-10 F3956:54
Alcohol Local Option 42-10 F3956:55
Alcohol Local Option 42-10 F3956:56
Alcohol Local Option 42-10 F3956:57
Alcohol Local Option 42-10 F3956:58
Alcohol Local Option 66 F3956:76
Alcohol Prohibition41 F3956:49
Aliens - Prohibition Of Granting Licenses 76 F3956:83
Aliens Prohibition On Owning Property88 F3956:97
Amendment Notice To Amend16 F3956:6
Amendment Order Of Amendments1425F3956:4
Appellate Jurisdiction21216-18F3956:285
Appropriation Prohibition812 F3956:101
Appropriation Public Funds84 F3956:93
Appropriations - Unexpended75 F3956:82
Assessment Definition Of Property81 F3956:90
Assessments Listing Of Property711 F3956:88
Assistant Secretaries Duties1410-12F3956:4
Bail - Excessive20126-35F3956:272
Bail And Fines - Prohibition Of Excessive78 F3956:85
Bail Excessive Proposed Amendment # 8381 F3956:90
Bail Proposed Amendment # 402108 F3956:119
Ballots136 F3956:154
Bank And Insurance Commission97 F3956:108
Banks Duties Of Directors711 F3956:88
Banks Duties Of Officers84 F3956:93
Banks Forfeited Property812 F3956:101
Berry, J. Insanity75 F3956:82
Bill Of Rights Aliens - Proposed Amendment # 10082 F3956:91
Bill Of Rights Assembly811 F3956:100
Bill Of Rights Proposed Amendment # 10682 F3956:91
Bill Of Rights Proposed Amendment # 347104 F3956:115
Bill Of Rights Reading And Adoption2018-25F3956:272
Bills - Introduction 78 F3956:85
Bills - Reading 71 F3956:78
Blind People Exemption From Taxation57 F3956:65
Bonds Municipal Offices711 F3956:88
Boundary Article192812-13F3956:271
Boundary Of State Latitude And Longitude138 F3956:156
Boundary Of State Proposed Amendment # 5341410 F3956:174
Burlingame Treaty Chinese 18135-6F3956:235
Burlingame Treaty Chinese 181312-19F3956:235
Calling Convention To Order151 F3956:175
Calling Yeas And Nays1421F3956:4
Capital City 102 F3956:113
Chamber Rooms Occupation By Non-Members1886-7F3956:230
Child Labor66 F3956:76
Chinese - Citizenship73 F3956:80
Chinese - Immigration Message To Congress 74 F3956:81
Chinese - Immigration Proposed Election171516-17F3956:213
Chinese - Immigration72 F3956:79
Chinese - Printer's Draft142 F3956:166
Chinese - Printer's Draft147 F3956:171
Chinese - Senate Report 73 F3956:80
Chinese Criminal Classes106 F3956:117
Chinese Draft Article181321-29F3956:235
Chinese Fishing84 F3956:93
Chinese Immigration Tax84 F3956:93
Chinese Importation2257-15F3956:298
Chinese Ineligibility For Citizenship1011 F3956:122
Chinese Local Authority103 F3956:114
Chinese Prohibition Of Title To Real Estate78 F3956:85
Chinese Prohibition On Employment - Proposed Amendment # 29299 F3956:110
Chinese Prohibition On Employment Proposed Amendment # 454115 F3956:127
Chinese Prohibition On Immigration711 F3956:88
Chinese Prohibition On Slavery711 F3956:88
Chinese Property106 F3956:117
Chinese Proposed Amendment # 26696 F3956:107
Chinese Proposed Amendment # 44710 F3956:87
Chinese Proposed Amendment # 45420613-24F3956:277
Chinese Restriction Of Privileges1011 F3956:122
Chinese Standing Committee Report1666-7F3956:189
Chinese, Committee On Minority Report1855-11F3956:227
Chinese, Committee On Report Proposed Amendment # 641688F3956:191
Chinese, Committee On Report18105-8F3956:232
Chinese1314 F3956:162
Churches Exemption From Taxation58-12 F3956:66
Churches Exemption From Taxation58-12 F3956:67
Churches Exemption From Taxation58-12 F3956:68
Churches Exemption From Taxation58-12 F3956:69
Churches Exemption From Taxation58-12 F3956:70
Churches Exemption From Taxation61 F3956:71
Churches Exemption From Taxation63-5 F3956:73
Churches Exemption From Taxation63-5 F3956:74
Churches Exemption From Taxation63-5 F3956:75
City, County, Township Organization, Committee On Compensation22416-17F3956:297
City, County, Township Organization, Committee On Local Option18915-19F3956:231
City, County, Township Organization, Committee On19205-15F3956:263
City, County, Township Organization, Committee On2167-22F3956:289
City, County, Township Organization, Committee On21838-47F3956:291
Civil Action108 F3956:119
Close Of Session Duties Of Officers1413-14F3956:4
Committee Clerks - Resolution74 F3956:81
Committee Clerks Employment1469F3956:4
Committee List155 F3956:179
Committee Members - Amendment To Rules159 F3956:183
Committee Of The Whole Orders1455F3956:4
Committee Of The Whole Rules1453F3956:4
Committee Of The Whole1452F3956:4
Committee Rooms - Payment 73 F3956:80
Committee Rooms72 F3956:79
Committees - Appointment 75 F3956:82
Committees Appointment145-6F3956:4
Committees Not Sitting1451F3956:4
Committees Standing1470-71F3956:4
Common Law - Jury 75 F3956:82
Compensation Extra1466-67F3956:4
Compensation Just20217-20F3956:273
Conflict Of Interest112 F3956:124
Congressional Districts20922-36F3956:280
Constitution - Format And Order 72 F3956:79
Constitution Adoption Schedule98 F3956:109
Constitution Format 16333F3956:186
Constitution Format 16538F3956:188
Constitution Framework38 F3956:40
Constitution Future Amendments105 F3956:116
Constitution Layout104 F3956:115
Constitution Proposed Amendment # 408109 F3956:120
Constitution Proposed Amendment # 526134 F3956:152
Constitution Reading22743-47F3956:300
Constitution Schedule For Transition93 F3956:104
Constitutional Government Plan37 F3956:39
Contract Law93 F3956:104
Contractors - Liability 710 F3956:87
Convention - Refusal To Pay 73 F3956:80
Convention Adjournment Resolution19103-5F3956:253
Convention Assistant Secretary19276-10F3956:270
Convention Division1420F3956:4
Convention Documents Receipts12 F3956:2
Convention Employment74 F3956:81
Convention Final Adjournment22618-25F3956:299
Convention Final Adjournment22766F3956:300
Convention Office - Eligibility Of Members 75 F3956:82
Convention Resignation Of Secretary Johnson19215-10F3956:264
Convention Rules - Changing 72 F3956:79
Convention Rules Committee Of The Whole181311F3956:235
Convention Rules Committee Of The Whole181412-15F3956:236
Convention Rules Hour Of Meetings73 F3956:80
Convention Selection Of Seats16168F3956:184
Convention Vacancy Mariposa County33 F3956:35
Convention Vacancy Merced County33 F3956:35
Convention Vacancy Of Secretary192016-18F3956:263
Convict Labor311 F3956:43
Corporations Classification Report 1714-5F3956:199
Corporations Department Powers And Duties811 F3956:100
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On - Banking910 F3956:111
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On - Discrimination112 F3956:124
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On - Elections Proposed Amendment # 444112 F3956:124
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On - Private 87 F3956:96
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Amendments17176-10F3956:215
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Directors812 F3956:101
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Duties And Powers17145-11F3956:212
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Elections Proposed Amendment # 372106 F3956:117
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Eminent Domain83 F3956:92
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Eminent Domain88 F3956:97
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Eminent Domain97 F3956:108
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Excessive Fees84 F3956:93
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Formation111 F3956:123
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Freight And Fares711 F3956:88
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Freight And Fares91 F3956:102
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Insurance Companies104 F3956:115
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Legislative Powers84 F3956:93
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Liability And Eminent Domain102 F3956:113
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Licensing105 F3956:116
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Minority Report171412-13F3956:212
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Out-Of-State Businesses117 F3956:129
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Placement Of Rail Lines And Depots114 F3956:126
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Printer's Draft 142 F3956:166
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Printing Of Amendment75 F3956:82
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Prohibition Of Chinese Employment78 F3956:85
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Railroad And Harbor Commissions910 F3956:111
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Railroad Commission18217-18F3956:224
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Railroad Commission18820-32F3956:230
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Railroad Commission1893-11F3956:231
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Railroad Commissioners1210 F3956:145
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Railroad Commissioners1864-7F3956:228
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Railroads1111 F3956:133
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Railroads121 F3956:136
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Railways78 F3956:85
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Railways1210 F3956:145
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Report1736-8F3956:201
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Report17213-7F3956:219
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Stocks104 F3956:115
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Taxation Of Property88 F3956:97
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Taxation1313 F3956:161
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Transportation112 F3956:124
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On Transportation117 F3956:129
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On, Committee On211044-51F3956:293
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On, Committee On22616-17F3956:299
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On72 F3956:79
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On74 F3956:81
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On16716F3956:190
Corporations Other Than Municipal, Committee On20318-24F3956:274
Corruption Delegates17228-15F3956:220
County Court77 F3956:84
County Seats Formation105 F3956:116
Court Of Claims Financial Operations114 F3956:126
Court Records Transfer136 F3956:154
Criminal Procedures108 F3956:119
Criminal Prosecution20214-17F3956:273
Deaf People Exemption From Taxation57 F3956:65
Delegates Dismissal22523-25F3956:298
Delegates Nomination To Fill Vacancies181818-25F3956:240
Delegates Replacements18164-9F3956:238
Delegates Times To Speak18139-10F3956:235
Delegates Times To Speak18148-11F3956:236
Delegates Vacancies Of J.M. Strong And B.F. Kenny181732-35F3956:239
District Court77 F3956:84
District Judges - Terms 77 F3956:84
District Judges Eligibility77 F3956:84
Divorce Adultery84 F3956:93
Dueling Proposed Amendment # 317102 F3956:113
Dueling Proposed Amendment # 535139 F3956:157
Education Article19235-9F3956:266
Education Committee On Revision And Adjustment1316 F3956:164
Education Common School Districts Proposed Amendment # 26796 F3956:107
Education Common Schools Proposed Amendment # 21491 F3956:102
Education Common Schools Proposed Amendment # 23193 F3956:104
Education Common Schools Proposed Amendment # 469119 F3956:131
Education Common Schools Proposed Amendment 53711 F3956:88
Education Compulsory Age22339F3956:296
Education Compulsory System84 F3956:93
Education Conflict Of Interest106 F3956:117
Education County Superintendent Of Schools95 F3956:106
Education Importance Of Labor84 F3956:93
Education Instructors95 F3956:106
Education Land Grants95 F3956:106
Education Legislative Control22342-46F3956:296
Education Moral Instruction99 F3956:110
Education Primary To University Level93 F3956:104
Education Printer's Draft149 F3956:173
Education Prohibition Of Public Support For Non-Secular School710 F3956:87
Education Public Schools22336-39F3956:296
Education San Francisco Teachers1011 F3956:122
Education State Board Of Education711 F3956:88
Education State Board Of Education81 F3956:90
Education State Schools109 F3956:120
Education State University106 F3956:117
Education Superintendent Of Public Instruction Proposed Amendment # 185811 F3956:100
Education Superintendent Of Public Instruction Proposed Amendment # 315102 F3956:113
Education Superintendent Of Public Instruction Proposed Amendment # 5001111 F3956:133
Education Superintendent Of Public Instruction Proposed Amendment # 523131 F3956:149
Education Superintendent Of Public Instruction Proposed Amendment # 53711 F3956:88
Education Textbooks91 F3956:102
Education University Of California106 F3956:117
Education, Committee On Amendments18144-6F3956:236
Education, Committee On State Normal School19223-25F3956:245
Education, State Board Of Powers117 F3956:129
Education, State Board Of114 F3956:126
Election Even-Numbered Years139 F3956:157
Election Of Officers154 F3956:178
Elections Filling Vacancies75 F3956:82
Elections Plurality Of Votes139 F3956:157
Employees - Discharge 75 F3956:82
Employment Chaplains103 F3956:114
Employment Prohibition On Aliens In Public Agency78 F3956:85
Enrollment And Engrossment, Committee On72 F3956:79
Ex Post Facto 20220F3956:273
Ex Post Facto Proposed Amendment # 3278 F3956:85
Executive Department Eligibility Of High Office96 F3956:107
Executive Department Governor910 F3956:111
Executive Department Governor's Salary96 F3956:107
Executive Department Lieutenant Governor106 F3956:117
Executive Department Limitation On Holding Office99 F3956:110
Executive Department Powers And Duties Proposed Amendment # 21191 F3956:102
Executive Department Powers And Duties Proposed Amendment # 309101 F3956:112
Executive Department State Seal103 F3956:114
Executive Department Tenure Of Office107 F3956:118
Executive Department1314 F3956:162
Executive Department17712-16F3956:205
Executive Department20310-18F3956:274
Expenses Funeral Of J.M. Strong75 F3956:82
Expenses Mileage For Members74 F3956:81
Expenses Wages74 F3956:81
Fawcett, E. Judiciary And Judicial Department, Committee On Report 16136-10F3956:196
Fawcett, Eugene - Seating1729-11F3956:200
Fawcett, Eugene Eligibility 16531F3956:188
Fawcett, Eugene Eligibility161316-18F3956:196
Fawcett, Eugene Judiciary And Judicial Department, Committee On Minority Report161311-16F3956:196
Filling Convention Offices153 F3956:177
Fiscal Year Proposed Amendment # 21591 F3956:102
Fiscal Year Proposed Amendment # 535139 F3956:157
Flags Foreign 93 F3956:104
Flood Protection State Officers And Offices105 F3956:116
France Treaty 72 F3956:79
Freight Carriers Discrimination 710 F3956:87
Future Amendments, Committee On 18216-7F3956:243
Future Amendments, Committee On Proposed Amendment # 526 1927-10F3956:245
Future Amendments, Committee On Proposed Amendment # 52620937-40F3956:280
Future Amendments, Committee On Proposed Amendment # 10782 F3956:91
Future Amendments, Committee On22134-39F3956:294
General File1450F3956:4
God Inclusion In Constitution52 F3956:60
Governor - Veto Power - Resolution 71 F3956:78
Governor Pardoning Power Proposed Amendment # 445113 F3956:125
Governor Pardoning Power Proposed Amendment # 484119 F3956:131
Governor Powers And Duties Proposed Amendment # 468118 F3956:130
Governor Veto Power - Proposed Amendment # 13384 F3956:93
Governor Veto Power Proposed Amendment # 14985 F3956:94
Grand Jurors - Selection And Length Of Term 711 F3956:88
Grand Jury Abolishment104 F3956:115
Grand Jury Criminal Procedures88 F3956:97
Grand Jury Membership 72 F3956:79
Grand Jury Proposed Amendment # 402108 F3956:119
Grand Jury Resolution71 F3956:78
Habeas Corpus108 F3956:119
Harbor Frontages Eminent Domain810 F3956:99
Harbors Frontages21541-43F3956:288
Harbors Proposed Amendment # 178142 F3956:166
Harbors Rights Of Owners22359-61F3956:296
Harbors Sites Of Commerce22362F3956:296
Harbors, Tidewaters, And Navigable Streams, Committee On Navigable Waters18204F3956:242
Haswell, Pastor - Petition62 F3956:72
Health, State Board Of139 F3956:157
Homestead Citizenship127 F3956:142
Homestead Exemptions Forced Sale132 F3956:150
Homestead Exemptions - Proposed Amendment # 524 149 F3956:173
Homestead Exemptions Proposed Amendment # 676 F3956:83
Homestead Exemptions 1316 F3956:165
Homestead Exemptions811 F3956:100
Homestead Land Monopoly127 F3956:142
Hour Of Meetings141F3956:4
Illegitimate Children114 F3956:126
Immigration, Committee On Report Proposed Amendment # 13116810F3956:191
Income Tax, Committee On Creation1956F3956:248
Inheritance Rights Foreigners78 F3956:85
Insurance Property Value135 F3956:153
Interruption Of Member1439F3956:4
Irrigation - Homestead Exemptions76 F3956:83
Irrigation Construction Of Canals Proposed Amendment # 63711 F3956:88
Journal - Printing 74 F3956:81
Journal Clerk, Assistant Appointment Of75 F3956:82
Judicial Department Proposed Amendment # 503148 F3956:172
Judicial Department Appointment Of Officials96 F3956:107
Judicial Department Article19136-21F3956:256
Judicial Department Civil Cases811 F3956:100
Judicial Department Claims Against The State107 F3956:118
Judicial Department County Courts105 F3956:116
Judicial Department Court Decisions97 F3956:108
Judicial Department Court System102 F3956:113
Judicial Department Courts And Judges122-3 F3956:137
Judicial Department Courts And Judges122-3 F3956:138
Judicial Department Creation And Organization811 F3956:100
Judicial Department Elections97 F3956:108
Judicial Department Electors1011 F3956:122
Judicial Department Judges Proposed Amendment # 22292 F3956:103
Judicial Department Judges Proposed Amendment # 404109 F3956:120
Judicial Department Judges Proposed Amendment # 4261011 F3956:122
Judicial Department Judgment105 F3956:116
Judicial Department Juries106 F3956:117
Judicial Department Jury System95 F3956:106
Judicial Department Laws95 F3956:106
Judicial Department Notice To Reconsider2134-26F3956:286
Judicial Department Officers And Clerks811 F3956:100
Judicial Department Organization And Powers812 F3956:101
Judicial Department Organization And Terms Of Office78 F3956:85
Judicial Department Organization Of Courts81 F3956:90
Judicial Department Organization Of Courts86 F3956:95
Judicial Department Proposed Amendment # 503144 F3956:168
Judicial Department Public Roads96 F3956:107
Judicial Department Revision And Adjustment, Committee On Report1315 F3956:163
Judicial Department Salary Of Judges812 F3956:101
Judicial Department Simultaneous Employment116 F3956:128
Judicial Department Supreme Court99 F3956:110
Judicial Department Terms Of Judges105 F3956:116
Judicial Department Transfer Of Property96 F3956:107
Judicial Department Vacancy Of Justice22218-25F3956:295
Judicial Department1795-6F3956:207
Judicial Department22140-47F3956:294
Judicial Grand Jury System103 F3956:114
Judicial Jury System104 F3956:115
Judicial Offices Forfeiture Due To Absence77 F3956:84
Judicial System Proposed Amendment # 1077 F3956:84
Judiciary And Judicial Department, Committee On - Report17911-12F3956:207
Judiciary And Judicial Department, Committee On 2148-15F3956:287
Judiciary And Judicial Department, Committee On Amendments17153-5F3956:213
Judiciary And Judicial Department, Committee On Eligibility Of Eugene Fawcett112-13 F3956:12
Judiciary And Judicial Department, Committee On Federal Jury System73 F3956:80
Judiciary And Judicial Department, Committee On Judge Fawcett16143F3956:197
Judiciary And Judicial Department, Committee On73 F3956:80
Judiciary System Powers And Duties81 F3956:90
Jurisdiction Original21218-20F3956:285
Jurors Disqualification139 F3956:157
Jury Trial - Right 77 F3956:84
Justice Of The Peace Powers811 F3956:100
Justice Of The Peace77 F3956:84
Kean, Sergeant At Arms - Appointment72 F3956:79
Kenny, Bernard Death17233-5F3956:221
Kenny, John San Francisco Delegate18198-9F3956:241
Labor - Hours Proposed Amendment # 73711 F3956:88
Labor And Capital, Committee On Amendments171510F3956:213
Labor And Capital, Committee On Report19285F3956:271
Labor And Labor Statistics Department712 F3956:89
Labor And Labor Statistics, Bureau Of73 F3956:80
Labor Eight Hour Work Day Proposed Amendment # 12884 F3956:93
Labor Eight Hour Work Day Proposed Amendment # 396107 F3956:118
Labor Eight Hour Work Day Proposed Amendment # 535139 F3956:157
Labor Industrial Resources, Bureau Of119 F3956:131
Labor State Employees88 F3956:97
Labor Unions66 F3956:76
Labor Unpaid Wages82 F3956:91
Labor Wages Proposed Amendment # 476119 F3956:131
Labor Work Day Proposed Amendment # 5171210 F3956:145
Laborers Lien On Property139 F3956:157
Lake Bigler - State Ownership 88 F3956:97
Land Homestead Exemption Proposed Amendment # 406109 F3956:120
Land Homestead Proposed Amendment # 4301011 F3956:122
Land Monopolies - Limitation 82 F3956:91
Land Resurvey Of State81 F3956:90
Land Tenures Limitations Of Ownership84 F3956:93
Lands And Homestead Exemption, Committee On Amendments18155F3956:237
Lands And Homestead Exemption, Committee On Article19258-9F3956:268
Lands And Homestead Exemption, Committee On Minority Report18173-4F3956:239
Lands And Homestead Exemption, Committee On74 F3956:81
Lands And Homestead Exemption, Committee On21824-37F3956:291
Lands And Homestead Exemption, Committee On22431-36F3956:297
Law Department Duties And Powers81 F3956:90
Laws And Agreements Existing136 F3956:154
Laws Special20910-15F3956:280
Laws Uniformity108 F3956:119
Leave Of Absence1461F3956:4
Leave Of Absence75 F3956:82
Legislative Department - Debts1011 F3956:122
Legislative Department - Lobbying105 F3956:116
Legislative Department - Sessions20718-24F3956:278
Legislative Department Abortion105 F3956:116
Legislative Department Alien Residents78 F3956:85
Legislative Department Amendment And Revision Of Constitution91 F3956:102
Legislative Department Amendments85 F3956:94
Legislative Department Application Of Laws96 F3956:107
Legislative Department Apprentice Law109 F3956:120
Legislative Department Apprenticeship95 F3956:106
Legislative Department Appropriation Bills103 F3956:114
Legislative Department Bigamy And Polygamy117 F3956:129
Legislative Department Bribery95 F3956:106
Legislative Department Claims Against The State117 F3956:129
Legislative Department Committee Article Iv17133-4F3956:211
Legislative Department Conflict Of Interests95 F3956:106
Legislative Department Credit Of State910 F3956:111
Legislative Department Criminal Proceedings119 F3956:131
Legislative Department Currency1111 F3956:133
Legislative Department Divorce96 F3956:107
Legislative Department Draft Article181715-30F3956:239
Legislative Department Effective Date Of New Laws105 F3956:116
Legislative Department Election Of Senators104 F3956:115
Legislative Department Electors106 F3956:117
Legislative Department Embezzlement106 F3956:117
Legislative Department Exclusion Of Persons Of Asiatic Descent104 F3956:115
Legislative Department Fiscal Year1011 F3956:122
Legislative Department Holding Office106 F3956:117
Legislative Department Ineligibility For Simultaneous Employment1011 F3956:122
Legislative Department Inferior Positions1111 F3956:133
Legislative Department Intermarriage1011 F3956:122
Legislative Department Legislative Salaries106 F3956:117
Legislative Department Length Of Session84 F3956:93
Legislative Department Life Insurance119 F3956:131
Legislative Department Limitations Of Power In Local Matters82 F3956:91
Legislative Department Local Government Laws Proposed Amendment # 332104 F3956:115
Legislative Department Local Government Proposed Amendment # 25895 F3956:106
Legislative Department Local Government Proposed Amendment # 26896 F3956:107
Legislative Department Malfeasance Of Public Officers811 F3956:100
Legislative Department Mechanic's Liens109 F3956:120
Legislative Department Membership And Appointment99 F3956:110
Legislative Department Mining Bureau104 F3956:115
Legislative Department Mining Stock Bonds1111 F3956:133
Legislative Department Officer Salaries1111 F3956:133
Legislative Department Organization Of City Or Town1011 F3956:122
Legislative Department Passage Of Bills812 F3956:101
Legislative Department Powers And Duties Proposed Amendment # 20991 F3956:102
Legislative Department Powers And Duties Proposed Amendment # 308101 F3956:112
Legislative Department Presentation Of Bills106 F3956:117
Legislative Department Prohibition Of Certain Persons103 F3956:114
Legislative Department Prohibition Of Gambling1111 F3956:133
Legislative Department Prohibition Of Retroactive Laws82 F3956:91
Legislative Department Proposed Amendment # 501143 F3956:167
Legislative Department Proposed Amendment # 501148 F3956:172
Legislative Department Publication Of Laws1011 F3956:122
Legislative Department Railroads95 F3956:106
Legislative Department Residency Requirement105 F3956:116
Legislative Department Salaries109 F3956:120
Legislative Department Sale Of Goods109 F3956:120
Legislative Department Sale Of Property85 F3956:94
Legislative Department Secret Tribunal119 F3956:131
Legislative Department Senate And Assembly1112-13 F3956:134
Legislative Department Senate And Assembly1112-13 F3956:135
Legislative Department Senators119 F3956:131
Legislative Department Sessions And Elections92 F3956:103
Legislative Department Special Laws95 F3956:106
Legislative Department Special Sessions95 F3956:106
Legislative Department State Board Of Equalization910 F3956:111
Legislative Department State Officers1111 F3956:133
Legislative Department Term Of Office910 F3956:111
Legislative Department Three Quarter Majority For Passage Of Appropriation Bills88 F3956:97
Legislative Department, Committee On Amendments17196-8F3956:217
Legislative Department, Committee On72 F3956:79
Legislative Department22116-21, 29-24F3956:294
Legislative Members - Vacancies 82 F3956:91
Legislative Session82 F3956:91
Legislators - Bribery 710 F3956:87
Legislature Department Laws Enacted811 F3956:100
Legislature Limitations Of Power84 F3956:93
Legislature Oaths Of Office109 F3956:120
Legislature Powers And Organization89 F3956:98
Legislature Salary812 F3956:101
Legislature Senators84 F3956:93
Legislature Special Session117 F3956:129
Libel Trial By Jury103 F3956:114
License Tax82 F3956:91
Lieutenant Governor Powers And Duties118 F3956:130
Liquor Sales Regulation103 F3956:114
Loans - Interest Rate 88 F3956:97
Loans - Rate Of Interest 72 F3956:79
Lobbying - Criminal Classification 711 F3956:88
Local Government - Organization1211-13 F3956:146
Local Government - Organization1211-13 F3956:147
Local Government - Organization1211-13 F3956:148
Local Government - Proposed Amendment # 521 145 F3956:169
Local Government County Seat1111 F3956:133
Local Government County Supervisor117 F3956:129
Local Government Creation And Authority119 F3956:131
Local Government Creation1111 F3956:133
Local Government General Laws114 F3956:126
Local Government Proposed Amendment # 21591 F3956:102
Local Government Proposed Amendment # 521149 F3956:173
Local Government Street Assessments119 F3956:131
Local Government Taxation1111 F3956:133
Local Government Water Companies125 F3956:140
Local Option21724-25F3956:290
Marriage - Religion139 F3956:157
Marriage102 F3956:113
Mechanic's Liens Petition312-13 F3956:44
Mechanic's Liens Petition314-16 F3956:45
Mechanic's Liens Petition66 F3956:76
Members - Entitlement 75 F3956:82
Members - Fine For Absence 72 F3956:79
Members Absence1462F3956:4
Members Entitlement To Floor1444F3956:4
Members Mileage1627-9F3956:185
Members Rising To Speak1438F3956:4
Members Speaking19107-8F3956:253
Memorial University Land Grants24 F3956:19
Memorial Wine Imports23 F3956:18
Memorials Exclusion Of Chinese21-2 F3956:16
Memorials Exclusion Of Chinese21-2 F3956:17
Mentally Deficient People Exemption From Taxation57 F3956:65
Mileage And Expenses, Committee On - Members19118-19F3956:244
Mileage And Expenses, Committee On16328-32F3956:186
Mileage And Expenses, Committee On16712-14F3956:190
Military Affairs, Committee On Report1788F3956:206
Military Subordinate To Civil Power108 F3956:119
Militia - Public Funding 84 F3956:93
Militia Citizen Organizations103 F3956:114
Militia Creation And Officers Proposed Amendment # 311102 F3956:113
Militia Creation Proposed Amendment # 415109 F3956:120
Militia Organization1110 F3956:132
Militia Peacetime Funding97 F3956:108
Militia Prohibition On Independent Companies84 F3956:93
Militia Proposed Amendment # 482142 F3956:166
Militia Proposed Article181611-13F3956:238
Militia1314 F3956:162
Mining - Alien82 F3956:91
Mining Gold And Silver Discovery114 F3956:126
Mining, Committee On Approval Of Propositions115 F3956:15
Minutes Clerk - Duties1410-12F3956:4
Miscellaneous Subjects, Committee On Holding Of Other Offices172117-20F3956:219
Miscellaneous Subjects, Committee On Local Option192814-16F3956:271
Miscellaneous Subjects, Committee On Vacancy19153F3956:258
Miscellaneous Subjects, Committee On21930-39F3956:292
Miscellaneous Subjects, Committee On21108-13F3956:293
Miscellaneous Subjects, Committee On22449-54F3956:297
Mortgage - Sale 811 F3956:100
Motion Amendment16 F3956:6
Motion Of President1428F3956:4
Motion To Adjourn1427F3956:4
Motion To Instruct Committee1423F3956:4
Motion To Rise1454F3956:4
Motion Withdrawn1426F3956:4
Motions And Reports1424F3956:4
Motions During Debate1415-16F3956:4
Municipal Corporations Charters22420-22F3956:297
Municipal Corporations Classification109 F3956:120
Municipal Corporations County And City Government91 F3956:102
Municipal Corporations Creation Of Local Governments102 F3956:113
Municipal Corporations Division And Definition1010 F3956:121
Municipal Corporations General Laws1011 F3956:122
Municipal Corporations Indebtedness93 F3956:104
Municipal Corporations Jury1011 F3956:122
Municipal Corporations Population22423-26F3956:297
Municipal Corporations San Francisco1011 F3956:122
Municipal Corporations Special Laws22417-20F3956:297
Municipal Corporations76 F3956:83
Municipal Court77 F3956:84
Municipal Indebtedness146 F3956:170
Municipal Indebtedness21721-23F3956:290
Municipal Power Borrowing Money84 F3956:93
Municipalities - Debt107 F3956:118
Municipalities Prohibition On Stockholding88 F3956:97
Naturalized Citizens Property Ownership1313 F3956:161
Navigable Streams22359-61F3956:296
Navigable Waters19203-4F3956:263
Newspaper Clippings15 F3956:5
Nightwatchman - Appointment 75 F3956:82
Nominations For President152 F3956:176
Notice Of Reconsideration1434F3956:4
O’Donnell, Charles C. Committee Report19118-16F3956:254
O’Donnell, Charles C. Crimes1944-7F3956:247
O’Donnell, Charles C. Expulsion114 F3956:14
O’Donnell, Charles C. Special Order19145-10F3956:257
Oaths Eligibility To Vote And Hold Office78 F3956:85
Oaths Of Office11 F3956:1
Oaths Of Office117 F3956:129
Offensive Words In Debate1441F3956:4
Officeholders Limitations 81 F3956:90
Officeholders Oath And Eligibility102 F3956:113
Officers - Terms Of Office 78 F3956:85
Officers Pay 72 F3956:79
Official Reporter16162-63F3956:184
Order In Speaking1442F3956:4
Order Of Business1413-14F3956:4
Orders And Rules1646-11F3956:187
Orphans Appropriations56 F3956:64
Pacific Ice Company12 F3956:2
Pardoning Power 17613-15F3956:204
Pardoning Power Proposed Amendment # 4841784F3956:206
Pardoning Power Reconsideration2034-9F3956:274
Pardoning Power, Committee On Report17312-13F3956:201
Pardoning Power17129F3956:210
Pardoning Special Committee84 F3956:93
Pardons - Commission 78 F3956:85
Pardons Governor Proposed Amendment # 29499 F3956:110
Pardons Governor's Power 74 F3956:81
Pardons Governor's Power Proposed Amendment # 69711 F3956:88
Pardons Powers Proposed Amendment # 10182 F3956:91
Parliamentary Rules1456F3956:4
Penal Colony Establishment106 F3956:117
Phonographic Reporter, Committee On19 F3956:9
Phonographic Reporter155-6 F3956:179
Phonographic Reporter155-6 F3956:180
Phonographic Reporter16165-66F3956:184
Points Of Order144F3956:4
Political Candidates93 F3956:104
Political Power Distribution Among Three Branches1310 F3956:158
Poll Tax93 F3956:104
Powers Distribution2024-5F3956:273
Powers Distribution21718-19F3956:290
Powers Exercising Of Powers711 F3956:88
Preamble Bill Of Rights83 F3956:92
Preamble Divine Ordinance93 F3956:104
Preamble Draft17217-22F3956:200
Preamble Proposed Amendment # 15385 F3956:94
Preamble Proposed Amendment # 17088 F3956:97
Preamble Proposed Amendment # 188811 F3956:100
Preamble Proposed Amendment # 23393 F3956:104
Preamble Proposed Amendment # 402108 F3956:119
Preamble Proposed Amendment # 40217412-14F3956:202
Preamble Proposed Amendment # 4021755-9F3956:203
Preamble Proposed Amendment # 51710 F3956:87
Preamble Reading And Adoption2018-25F3956:272
Preamble Reference To U.S. Constitution2026-14F3956:273
Preamble Relations With United States82 F3956:91
Preamble Rights Ex Post Facto 95 F3956:106
Preamble Rights1314 F3956:162
Preamble Special Order17212-16F3956:200
Preamble Special Order17126-7F3956:210
Preamble, Committee On The Report18218F3956:243
Previous Question Standing Rule1983-4F3956:251
Previous Question1432F3956:4
Printing And Stationary - Payment 73 F3956:80
Prison Directors, Board Of Powers And Duties105 F3956:116
Prison Directors, Board Of Powers And Duties129 F3956:144
Prison Labor Contract39 F3956:41
Prison Labor Petition66 F3956:76
Prison Labor Products81 F3956:90
Prison Labor Proposed Amendment # 23293 F3956:104
Probate Court77 F3956:84
Property - Forced Sale 72 F3956:79
Property Inheritance1111 F3956:133
Property Private88 F3956:97
Property Private108 F3956:119
Property Rights - Invalidation 81 F3956:90
Property Succession95 F3956:106
Property Surviving Wife84 F3956:93
Propositions - Submission To Voters72 F3956:79
Propositions Out Of Order1445F3956:4
Protest Of Members1435F3956:4
Public Buildings Contract310 F3956:42
Public Highways Navigable Waters1210 F3956:145
Public Lands Railroad Limits18124F3956:234
Public Office Funds93 F3956:104
Public Office Termination125 F3956:140
Public Officers - Compensation 84 F3956:93
Public Officers Salary93 F3956:104
Public Offices - Eligibility97 F3956:108
Public Schools English Only109 F3956:120
Public Schools Readers1816F3956:223
Publications English Language99 F3956:110
Publications English Only84 F3956:93
Question Of Privilege Criticism Of Mr. Dowling182125-26F3956:243
Question Of Privilege Resolution1873-4F3956:229
Question Of Privilege Resolution1918-16F3956:244
Question Of Privilege San Francisco Chronicle181012-13F3956:232
Question Of Privilege1436F3956:4
Quicksilver Mines66 F3956:76
Quorum Number Of Members142-3F3956:4
Railroad Commission81 F3956:90
Railroad Commission112 F3956:124
Railroad Corporations - Formation1874-8F3956:229
Railroad Grants - Repealing And Adjusting 74 F3956:81
Railroad Grants Resolution To Congress18117-8F3956:233
Railroads And Vessels Discrimination76 F3956:83
Railways Declared As Public Highways79 F3956:86
Railways Duties Of Directors710 F3956:87
Reading Of Papers1458F3956:4
Recess - Resolution75 F3956:82
Recess - Thanksgiving75 F3956:82
Recess - Time 74 F3956:81
Recess Amendment19123-7F3956:255
Recess Amendment19194-6F3956:261
Regents, Board Of See Also:University Of California17410-11F3956:202
Religious Appropriations201017-23F3956:281
Removal From Office2057-31F3956:276
Reporting - Phonographic75 F3956:82
Reporting And Printing, Committee On Cost Of Printing17125-6F3956:210
Reporting And Printing, Committee On Printing Of Journal17310-12F3956:201
Reporting And Printing, Committee On110 F3956:10
Reporting And Printing, Committee On73 F3956:80
Representation66 F3956:76
Resignation Thomas Morris11 F3956:1
Resolutions Final Printing22626-28F3956:299
Resolutions Limit To One Subject1449F3956:4
Resolutions Propositions1448F3956:4
Resolutions Reading1446F3956:4
Resolutions Standing Rule1417F3956:4
Resolutions State State Controller17318-21F3956:201
Revenue And Taxation 2234-8F3956:296
Revenue And Taxation Income Tax22319-23F3956:296
Revenue And Taxation Interest Rate22312-13F3956:296
Revenue And Taxation Poll Tax22324-30F3956:296
Revenue And Taxation Prohibition On Poll Tax78 F3956:85
Revenue And Taxation Proposed Amendment # 510126 F3956:141
Revenue And Taxation Resolution1949-14F3956:247
Revenue And Taxation Tax On Municipal Property78 F3956:85
Revenue And Taxation Taxes In Installments22317F3956:296
Revenue And Taxation, Committee On Amendments17198-11F3956:217
Revenue And Taxation, Committee On Assessors, State Board Of17 F3956:7
Revenue And Taxation, Committee On Deduction Of Debt17 F3956:7
Revenue And Taxation, Committee On Exemptions17 F3956:7
Revenue And Taxation, Committee On Local Taxation17 F3956:7
Revenue And Taxation, Committee On Mortgage Tax17 F3956:7
Revenue And Taxation, Committee On Poll Tax17 F3956:7
Revenue And Taxation, Committee On Property Exemption17 F3956:7
Revenue And Taxation, Committee On Property Of Corporations17 F3956:7
Revenue And Taxation, Committee On Property Tax17 F3956:7
Revenue And Taxation, Committee On Railroad Property17 F3956:7
Revenue And Taxation, Committee On Stocks17 F3956:7
Revenue And Taxation, Committee On Uniform And Proportionate17 F3956:7
Revenue And Taxation, Committee On72 F3956:79
Revenue And Taxation1316 F3956:165
Revenue And Taxation19211-19F3956:245
Revenue And Taxation20940-41F3956:280
Revenue And Taxation201013-32F3956:281
Revenue And Taxation20118-16F3956:282
Revision And Adjustment, Committee On Report227F3956:300
Revision And Adjustment, Committee On1315 F3956:163
Right Of Suffrage, Committee On Amendments17155-9F3956:213
Right Of Suffrage, Committee On Legislative Power To Extend Franchise17164-10F3956:214
Rights - Aliens84 F3956:93
Rights - Declaration Proposed Amendment # 976 F3956:83
Rights Amending Constitution102 F3956:113
Rights Authority Of Local Government96 F3956:107
Rights Equality And Liberty105 F3956:116
Rights Equality For Eligible Aliens78 F3956:85
Rights Excessive Bail812 F3956:101
Rights Forced Sale93 F3956:104
Rights Foreigners109 F3956:120
Rights Freedom Of Religion Proposed Amendment # 16688 F3956:97
Rights Freedom Of Religion Proposed Amendment # 347104 F3956:115
Rights Freedom Of Religion Proposed Amendment # 377106 F3956:117
Rights Freedom Of Religion Proposed Amendment # 397107 F3956:118
Rights Future Amendments103 F3956:114
Rights Grand Juries1111 F3956:133
Rights Ineligibility Of Citizenship109 F3956:120
Rights Proposed Amendment #305101 F3956:112
Rights Public Office107 F3956:118
Rights Punishment95 F3956:106
Rights Religious Support84 F3956:93
Rights Role Of Government88 F3956:97
Rights Speedy And Public Trial119 F3956:131
Rights Uniformity Of State Law81 F3956:90
Rights Welfare Of People84 F3956:93
Rule 24 Resolution To Amend75 F3956:82
Rule 43 - Discontinuance 75 F3956:82
Rule 56 Amendments17135-8F3956:211
Rule 56 Amendments171913-18F3956:217
Rule 56 Committee Of The Whole17187-9F3956:216
Rule 64 Leave Of Absence17123F3956:199
Rule 71 Amendments171116-17F3956:209
Rule 71 Repeal 75 F3956:82
Rules Suspending And Changing1457F3956:4
Rules, Committee On 72 F3956:79
Rules, Committee On Lands And Homestead Exemption158 F3956:182
Rules, Committee On Report16214-16F3956:185
Rules, Committee On Report1655-9F3956:188
Rules, Committee On72 F3956:79
Sabbath Observance66 F3956:76
Sabbath Recognition In Constitution53-4 F3956:61
Sabbath Recognition In Constitution53-4 F3956:62
Sabbath Retention In Constitution55 F3956:63
Salaries Deductions109 F3956:120
Salaries High Offices711 F3956:88
San Francisco County Assessor Report1733-5F3956:201
San Francisco Gaslight Company - Report 74 F3956:81
San Francisco Gaslight Company Meters Sold17245-7F3956:222
San Francisco Police Force1111 F3956:133
Schedule Article19265-9F3956:269
Schedule, Committee On Report19224-6F3956:265
School And University Endowment Fund105 F3956:116
Schools Exemption From Taxation58-12 F3956:66
Schools Exemption From Taxation58-12 F3956:67
Schools Exemption From Taxation58-12 F3956:68
Schools Exemption From Taxation58-12 F3956:69
Schools Exemption From Taxation58-12 F3956:70
Schools Exemption From Taxation61 F3956:71
Schools Exemption From Taxation63-5 F3956:73
Schools Exemption From Taxation63-5 F3956:74
Schools Exemption From Taxation63-5 F3956:75
Search And Seizure Unreasonable108 F3956:119
Secretary Duties147-9F3956:4
Secretary Notes On Standing Committees16 F3956:6
Secretary Notes13 F3956:3
Secretary Of State - Payment 73 F3956:80
Secretary Of State - Payment For Stationary 74 F3956:81
Secretary Of State - Report Relating To Corporations73 F3956:80
Secretary Of State - Statement Regarding Stationary73 F3956:80
Secretary Of State Convention Cost17109-10F3956:208
Secretary Of State Corporations28 F3956:23
Secretary Of State Furnishings For Delegates27 F3956:22
Secretary Of State Powers And Duties118 F3956:130
Secretary Of State Report16710F3956:190
Secretary's Desk Members1460F3956:4
Separation Of Powers101 F3956:112
Sergeant At Arms156 F3956:180
Sergeant Of Arms Duties1410-12F3956:4
Slavery Proposed Amendment # 402108 F3956:119
Special Session - Proposed Amendment # 46417510-11F3956:203
Standing Committee Members1613-20F3956:184
Standing Rule Adopted19914F3956:252
State Aid20811-27F3956:279
State Authority Self-Protection105 F3956:116
State Buildings Contracts66 F3956:76
State Capital - Location Proposed Amendment # 4881111 F3956:133
State Capital - Occupancy 75 F3956:82
State Capital91 F3956:102
State Capital139 F3956:157
State Comptroller - Resolution To Request Report 75 F3956:82
State Controller - Authority156 F3956:180
State Controller Convention Expenses171710-12F3956:215
State Controller Paying Wages16171-74F3956:184
State Controller State Debt210 F3956:25
State Controller State Militia211 F3956:26
State Controller Strong, Mr.1843-6F3956:226
State Indebtedness 1410 F3956:174
State Indebtedness Exemptions1311 F3956:159
State Indebtedness Restrictions137 F3956:155
State Indebtedness21929-30F3956:292
State Indebtedness22436-39F3956:297
State Institutions And Public Buildings, Committee On - Amendments17248-9F3956:222
State Institutions And Public Buildings, Committee On Article 191910-12F3956:262
State Institutions And Public Buildings, Committee On72 F3956:79
State Institutions And Public Buildings, Committee On1316 F3956:164
State Institutions And Public Buildings, Committee On21540-41F3956:288
State Institutions And Public Buildings, Committee On22356-59F3956:296
State Institutions Labor Guidelines Proposed Amendment # 465117 F3956:129
State Institutions Public Funds Proposed Amendment # 448114 F3956:126
State Library - Printed Documents 74 F3956:81
State Militia - Costs 73 F3956:80
State Militia74 F3956:81
State Office - Vacancies 85 F3956:94
State Office Requirements104 F3956:115
State Officers Accountability36 F3956:38
State Officers Gifts112 F3956:124
State Officers Prohibition Of Simultaneous Holders119 F3956:131
State Officers Salary85 F3956:94
State Religion Protest51 F3956:59
State Treasurer Powers And Duties118 F3956:130
State, Department Of Stationary27 F3956:22
Stationary - Allowance For Committees And Members73 F3956:80
Stock Issuance112 F3956:124
Stocks Brokers811 F3956:100
Stockton Finances217 F3956:32
Stone Cutters66 F3956:76
Strong, J.M. Death17203-7F3956:218
Suffrage - Eligibility Proposed Amendment # 161 & 16388 F3956:97
Suffrage - Eligibility Proposed Amendment # 186811 F3956:100
Suffrage - Eligibility Proposed Amendment # 21591 F3956:102
Suffrage - Eligibility Proposed Amendment # 306101 F3956:112
Suffrage - Eligibility Proposed Amendment # 331104 F3956:115
Suffrage - Eligibility Proposed Amendment # 42710 F3956:87
Suffrage - Eligibility Proposed Amendment # 504124 F3956:139
Suffrage - Eligibility Proposed Amendment # 62711 F3956:88
Suffrage - Eligibility Proposed Amendment # 8081 F3956:90
Suffrage - Loss Proposed Amendment # 22091 F3956:102
Suffrage 144 F3956:168
Suffrage 148 F3956:172
Suffrage Disenfranchisement82 F3956:91
Suffrage Duty Of Citizenship104 F3956:115
Suffrage Education88 F3956:97
Suffrage Exclusion Based On Convictions812 F3956:101
Suffrage Holding Office97 F3956:108
Suffrage Limitations On Holding Office81 F3956:90
Suffrage Literacy Requirement105 F3956:116
Suffrage Literacy84 F3956:93
Suffrage Penalty For Bribery82 F3956:91
Suffrage Property Qualification710 F3956:87
Suffrage Public Officials812 F3956:101
Suffrage Revision And Adjustment, Committee On - Report1316 F3956:163
Suffrage Rights Of Aliens99 F3956:110
Suffrage Voter Registration119 F3956:131
Superintendent Of Printing - Report 74 F3956:81
Superintendent Of Printing - Report 75 F3956:82
Superintendent Of Public Streets And Highways San Francisco Assessments216 F3956:31
Superintendent Of State Printing Costs29 F3956:24
Superintendent Of Streets San Francisco73 F3956:80
Superior Courts21220-26F3956:285
Supervisors, Board Of - Petition36 F3956:38
Supervisors, Board Of Legislative Powers106 F3956:117
Supervisors, Board Of Proposed Amendment # 21591 F3956:102
Supervisors, Board Of16105F3956:193
Supervisors, State Board Of Duties And Powers84 F3956:93
Supreme Court Election Of Judges77 F3956:84
Supreme Court Justices2266-12F3956:299
Supreme Court Proposed Amendment # 376 F3956:83
Supreme Court Sessions In Southern California66 F3956:76
Supreme Court Southern Branch34 F3956:36
Supreme Court Types Of Cases212 F3956:27
Supreme Court2128-16F3956:285
Surveyor General - Report 74 F3956:81
Surveyor General Report On Land Grants26 F3956:21
Surveyor General State Acreage17104-8F3956:208
Taxation - Property66 F3956:76
Taxation - Uniformity And Equality - Proposed Amendment # 2278 F3956:85
Taxation - Uniformity Proposed Amendment # 11082 F3956:91
Taxation - Uniformity Proposed Amendment # 15085 F3956:94
Taxation - Uniformity Proposed Amendment # 181811 F3956:100
Taxation - Uniformity Proposed Amendment # 22793 F3956:104
Taxation - Uniformity Proposed Amendment # 29399 F3956:110
Taxation - Uniformity Proposed Amendment # 312102 F3956:113
Taxation - Uniformity Proposed Amendment # 330104 F3956:115
Taxation - Uniformity Proposed Amendment # 360105 F3956:116
Taxation - Uniformity Proposed Amendment # 9282 F3956:91
Taxation 144 F3956:168
Taxation 149 F3956:173
Taxation Annual Assessment Proposed Amendment # 371106 F3956:117
Taxation Annual Assessment1313 F3956:161
Taxation Appropriations107 F3956:118
Taxation Article1968-9F3956:248
Taxation Assessment Of Agricultural Lands79 F3956:86
Taxation Assessors And Collectors97 F3956:108
Taxation Assessors95 F3956:106
Taxation Banks And Stocks710 F3956:87
Taxation Banks88 F3956:97
Taxation Church Property88 F3956:97
Taxation Citizenship Tax812 F3956:101
Taxation Citizenship103 F3956:114
Taxation Collection107 F3956:118
Taxation Corporate Guidelines Proposed Amendment # 418109 F3956:120
Taxation Corporation Proposed Amendment # 22693 F3956:104
Taxation Debts103 F3956:114
Taxation Definition Of Property105 F3956:116
Taxation Delinquent Property1011 F3956:122
Taxation Delinquent Taxes96 F3956:107
Taxation Exemptions Proposed Amendment # 338104 F3956:115
Taxation Exemptions Proposed Amendment # 379106 F3956:117
Taxation Farming Lands78 F3956:85
Taxation General Laws And Exemptions135 F3956:153
Taxation Graduated System Proposed Amendment # 28799 F3956:110
Taxation Graduated System Proposed Amendment # 392106 F3956:117
Taxation Income Tax104 F3956:115
Taxation Land Grading84 F3956:93
Taxation Land Monopoly35 F3956:37
Taxation Lands710 F3956:87
Taxation Legal Tender105 F3956:116
Taxation License Tax811 F3956:100
Taxation Limitations Of State Tax84 F3956:93
Taxation Mining Corporations32 F3956:34
Taxation Municipal Exemptions94 F3956:105
Taxation Oath Of Property91 F3956:102
Taxation Powers And Definitions99 F3956:110
Taxation Powers107 F3956:118
Taxation Prohibition Of Poll Tax812 F3956:101
Taxation Property Exemptions96 F3956:107
Taxation Property Improvements125 F3956:140
Taxation Property Tax106 F3956:117
Taxation Proposed Amendment # 54711 F3956:88
Taxation Public Highways1011 F3956:122
Taxation Representation710 F3956:87
Taxation Road Tax91 F3956:102
Taxation State Board Of Equalization81 F3956:90
Taxation Traveling Salesmen31 F3956:33
Taxation Water Vessels710 F3956:87
Terms Of Office - Expiration22442-49F3956:297
Texas And Pacific Railroad Company18810-11F3956:230
Texas Railroad Company - Subsidy 75 F3956:82
Textbooks Cost Of Printing1884-5F3956:230
Trademarks - Property135 F3956:153
Transgressing A Rule1443F3956:4
Transportation Commissioner Railroads215 F3956:30
Treason108 F3956:119
Trial By Jury Proposed Amendment # 402108 F3956:119
Trial By Jury20138-47F3956:272
Trial Juries Number Of Jurors In Civil Cases710 F3956:87
University Of California - Annual Expense Report73 F3956:80
University Of California Board Of Regents17217-8F3956:219
University Of California Finances213 F3956:28
University Of California Proposed Amendment # 380106 F3956:117
University Of California22346-54F3956:296
Vacancies San Francisco154 F3956:178
Vacancies157 F3956:181
Vote Explaining And Changing1422F3956:4
Wages Labor93 F3956:104
Warehouses Definition94 F3956:105
Water And Water Rights Article19163-5F3956:259
Water And Water Rights Article19187-8F3956:260
Water And Water Rights, Committee On Powers Of Legislature1823-6F3956:224
Water And Water Rights, Committee On Public Waters17237-11F3956:221
Water And Water Rights21522-33F3956:288
Water And Water Rights22331-36F3956:296
Water Rights 144 F3956:168
Water Rights 149 F3956:173
Water Rights Cities133 F3956:151
Water Rights Commissions99 F3956:110
Water Rights Common Property Of People78 F3956:85
Water Rights Common Property Proposed Amendment # 14484 F3956:93
Water Rights Divergence Of Source105 F3956:116
Water Rights Eminent Domain105 F3956:116
Water Rights Irrigation System Proposed Amendment # 412109 F3956:120
Water Rights Maximum Price105 F3956:116
Water Rights Proposed Amendment # 9382 F3956:91
Water Rights Public Use And Rates128 F3956:143
Water Rights Rates And Fees104 F3956:115
Water Rights Rates1312 F3956:160
Women Rights And Employment93 F3956:104
Women's Suffrage Petition 66 F3956:76
Women's Suffrage Petition314-16 F3956:46
Women's Suffrage Petition314-16 F3956:47
Women's Suffrage Petition314-16 F3956:48
Women's Suffrage Proposed Amendment # 10982 F3956:91
Women's Suffrage Qualifications78 F3956:85
Women's Suffrage Removal Of Words “White Male”710 F3956:87
Women's Suffrage Removing “Male” From Constitution88 F3956:97

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