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Zelman, Walter A. (OH 90–13)

Oral History Interview with Walter A. Zelman. (1989). California Common Cause, 1978–1989.

Zelman discusses his youth and early education in New York City, matriculation at the University of Michigan and University of California, Los Angeles, teaching stints at several higher education institutions on southern California, and articulates his position and that of Common Cause on such major issues as politics and government and the public interest, political and governmental reform, and reapportionment.

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Zenovich, George N. (OH R–24)

"Senate Democrat in the Reagan Government," Legislative–Governor Relations in the Reagan Years: Five Years. (1982). Assembly Member, 1963–1970; Senator, 1971–1979.

Zenovich entered the legislature in 1963 at the height of Jesse Unruh's power in Sacramento. As a protege of Unruh's, Zenovich quickly became a part of the Democratic leadership team. His perspective on the Reagan governorship is, therefore, as a leader of the Democratic opposition and as one of the "professional politicians." Despite apparent leadership opportunities in the assembly created when Unruh decided to run for governor, Zenovich moved over to the senate in 1970. He worked arduously on a major housing finance bill only to have it vetoed by Governor Reagan.

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Zetterberg, Stephen I. (OH 93–8)

Oral History Interview with Stephen I. Zetterberg (PDF) (1990, 1993). Active in the California Democratic Council, the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee, and Democratic Party Politics.

Zetterberg details his experience in the California Democratic Council, focusing on issues activity and his responsibilities for the health care issue. He recounts in detail his service as a member of the governor's small committee to study California health needs and of the Governor's committee on Medical Aid and Health, all appointments made by Governor Edmund G. Brown, Sr. He relates his experience as a member of the Los Angeles County Central Committee and of the Democratic State Central Committee.

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Zimmerman, Kent A. (OH W–13)

"Mental Health Concepts," Earl Warren and the State Department of Public Health. (1970).

Zimmerman was the first chief of mental health services for the California Dept. of Public Health from 1946–1949, a period when Governor Earl Warren designated the department as the state's mental health authority pursuant to federal legislation while the Dept. of Mental Hygiene was being reorganized. He describes the introduction of public health personnel to mental health techniques at a time when the department was expanding rapidly and stimulating the development of county health departments, and also when the federal government was beginning its efforts to make public psychiatric services widely available.

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