Escrow of Source Code

Current regulations require ballot tally source code to be stored in escrow. The current ballot tally regulations were promulgated in 1995 and have not been changed since. AB 829 and SB 360 added election management system (EMS), ballot marking system, and voting systems source codes to be placed in escrow.

The purpose of revising sections 20610 through 20682 of Title 2, Division 7, Chapter 6 of the California Code of Regulations is to:

  1. Reflect the changes in current business practices
  2. Remove requirements that are no longer relevant
  3. Add EMS source code in accordance with AB 829 (Fong)
  4. Add ballot marking system source code(s) in accordance with SB 360 (Padilla)

Written comments on the proposed regulations will be accepted August 22, 2014, through October 10, 2014.

Background Information

Contact for the Regulations

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